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Sensatori is developing a scalable location based mining algorithm designed for mobile devices. This mining algorithm which we call proof of mobility is meant to create a truly decentralized network by utilizing one of the most common pieces of technology available, the cell phone.

True Decentralization is just the beginning of the incredible advantages seen while using Sensatori (Sense). The Sense network is meant to be a platform for other blockchain projects and applications to build upon. Much like the way Ethereum allows users to create ERC-20 tokens on their blockchain. Sensatori allows developers to create mobile applications on the Sensatori blockchain. The Sense app may be ran on its own by users to explore the real world using the in app map (similar to Google maps with an emphasis on higher zoom renderings than normal gps) while exploring users can find unconfirmed transactions that can be discovered and gathered into a block. The fees and rewards for These transactions and blocks are then given to the user(s) that find them.

Once enough unconfirmed transactions have been gathered a new block will be ready to mine. Users can mine individually or work as groups by bringing the transactions to a group location to be mined as a team. (Rewards are then split based on participation.) Remember the faster the user is able to create a block withe the required amount of unconfirmed transactions the better the odds that the transactions used in the block haven't already been confirmed. And thus better odds of successfully mining a block.

The Sensatori mining app will be available for other apps to build on meaning that the Sense map can be used to offer in app event locations and points of interest. Apps that use the Sense map can also peg their own Token to be mined with each block.( only users with each app installed will receive any rewards for that apps token) meanwhile all apps will by default mine Sense tokens for playing an app built on the Sense network.

The most promising feature of the Sensatori platform is the upcoming addition of pegged Geo location. Pegged Geo location will give each real world location on the map a unique identifier that can be claimed in app by users.( free of charge, modeled after the first settlers that claimed land rather than purchased it.) These locations can then be customized and rendered in virtual reality. What this means is every location on earth will exist in two places. Our reality (the real world) and in a second reality (virtual reality) Sensatori will let users view a mixture of both with the augmented reality feature that overlays the virtual design onto the real world design. Many other features will be included that promise to make Sensatori like nothing ever before seen.

Full scale virtual reality will be available as well, allowing for users to view only the virtual rendering of the map for any location they desire (for safety reasons this is likely to not be available for mobile devices that are not stationary.)

The most important aspect of this project is that Sense tokens will not only be the in game currency ( most of Sensatori features are able to be acquired through mining in game. Later details will explain the different types of in game mining) Sense will also be required to complete any on chain transactions. This can range from app creation, in app purchases, token creation, other in app features. By doing this it is possible to access all features within sense free of charge (simply participating grants the necessary funds to purchase features) most "pay to play" features will primarily be geared toward customizing in game avatars and ocassionally allow free to play features to be done more quickly or more often . This idea is to maintain a fair environment that encourages users to participate more in order to advance rather than pay more.

Sensatori began development in july 2017 and is looking to begin development on the sense app and proof of location mining algorithm which are nearing deployment phases. Joining the Sensatori team before these two features are fully functional means that we will offer Sense tokens at a far lower cost than during later investment rounds to reward you for early support and belief in our project.