The Sensatori Blockchain will be the first ever blockchain to use a Location based mining algorithm we call Proof-Of-Mobility. Proof of mobility will allow for the first truly decentralized network to be created. it’s decentralized nature makes it ideal for offering secure peer to peer services from distributed databases, cloud storage; peer to peer file sharing and even decentralize exchange services.

Sensatori will operate on its own blockchain similar to that of the Ethereum blockchain although it will not directly compete with Ethereum. Sense token will provide (D)app creation services instead of token creation services. ourgoal was to build a blockchain that takes minimal hardware to mine (just a cell phone) creates a demand for a miners time and effort in the process of discovering unconfirmed transactions. Transactions are simultaneously broadcast to different locations across the globe and once found these transactions require more effort to take them to a Block Point where they will then be mined.. Remember the faster the user is able to create a block with the required amount of unconfirmed transactions the better the odds that the transactions used in the block haven’t already been confirmed. And thus better odds of successfully mining a block. Nodes will broadcast transactions more than once so the same transaction may be found in 1000 locations while only being unconfirmed for the first 10 people to find it.

Effects of using the Proof of mobility algorithm

What we have so far is a network that is decentralized, accessible, and able to be mined by anyone with a cell phone. Meanwhile these same characteristics that make it so easy to mine are the same features that make it impossible to efficiently scale while maintaining a profit.. More powerful cell phones will not make you earn more rewards; giant warehouses full of expensive hardware won’t be capable of gathering transactions in “the wild”. Ideally Block Points would depend on expensive hardware to participate in the mining process but these roles would be taken by business owners with slightly more access to capital (community non profits, churches, schoolss, etc) businesses would benefit greatly from having large amounts of people constantly stopping by their location. because of this the rights to operate a master/full node may come with a fee.

Symbiotic economies and where they lead.

Hopefully by now you are beginning to see the complimentary nature of the Sensatori network. At this point we have a network where people can run around all day and get transaction fees for validating network transactions, that doesn’t sound like very much fun though does it? In fact it sounds a lot like work.

Apps that Make you work for your money

Most Americans may have a hard time downloading an app that makes them work all day long, but what about countries where the people would take any work they could get? Countries where there just isn’t any work available. My biggest hope for Sensatori is that this part becomes a reality. Sensatori offers the parts of the world where the people are used to making less than one to two dollars a day the opportunity to make four to five times that amount, or more.Tthis could help change the lives of billions if it were to be widely adopted, that is perhaps the most frustrating part of the past year and a half I’ve spent developing this project. When I look at it I see a technology that has the potential to benefit everyone involved. Yet all it needs is for people to trust in it and to spread the word. It is for this reason that we have dedicated so much time to developing Sensatori. When word finally does get out about it nothing will stand in it’s way.

The best is still to come

If at this point you are even slightly interested in the project then I suggest you keep reading. You won’t be disappointed. Sensatori so far is capable of being a new way to make a fair living for many people. It has a balanced ecosystem meant to prevent centralization of the network, maintain a demand, prevent overinflation of supply (this method will be left undisclosed for now as it is an integral part to the functionality of the entire network

The benefits for those that start to make SENSE

We also have Block points with modest computing powers and spread out ideally about every mile or two. These locations are similar to master/full nodes in the blockchain ecosystem. The next phase of Sensatori has to do with a mesh networking protocol that utilizes, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to pass along information from peer to peer. These types of networks are able to function without cell signal and would be boosted by the commonly placed master/full nodes that can send messages and data over the internet when an efficient path through the mesh network is unavailable. This brings both communications and internet service to places all across the world as well as solves a serious issue in any peer to peer network: loss of signal. With this process complete we now have the first stage of the Sensatori Project. (Mesh networking implementing radio signals is an inexpensive efficient way to boost this range significantly).

Making SENSE of big data

With the completion of the Sense network we can now start allowing other applications to build on top of sense. Each application would have its own network that can be pegged to the proof of mobility algorithm. With this next layer of features developers can spend Sense tokens to gain access to the underlying network which will provide many practical uses in many data markets across the world..

Real world applications of a virtual world

The most promising feature of the Sensatori platform is the upcoming addition of virtual pegging of Geo locations. A Pegged Geo location will give each real world location on the map a unique identifier. that can be claimed in app by users.( free of charge, modeled after the first settlers that claimed land rather than purchased it.) These locations can then be customized and rendered in virtual reality. What this means is every location on earth will exist in two places, our reality (the real world) and in a second reality (virtual reality) Sensatori will let users view a mixture of both with the augmented reality feature that overlays the virtual design onto the real world map design. Many other features will be included that promise to make Sensatori like nothing ever before seen.
Full scale virtual reality will be implemented, allowing for users to view only the virtual rendering of the map for any location they desire (for safety reasons this is likely to not be available for mobile devices that are not stationary.)

Why we need SENSE
The most important aspect of this project is that Sense tokens will not only be the in game currency (most of Sensatori features are able to be acquired through mining. Sense will also be required to complete any on chain transactions. This can range from app creation, in app purchases, token creation, other in app features, data services and presumably features that are yet unknown. By doing this it is possible to access all features within sense free of charge (simply participating grants the necessary funds to purchase features) most “pay to play” features will primarily be geared toward customizing in game avatars and occasionally allow free to play features to be done more quickly or more often . This idea is to maintain a fair environment that encourages users to participate rather than spend money.

The picture so far

The result of all the features we have spoken about so far comes in the form of a universal platform that combines the viral adoption patterns of video games with the economic stability of symbiotic relationships and a healthy economic model. adressng the mounting concern of third world emplyment by not only supplying the ablity to bank to billions that currently have no banking services available at allbut by potentially increasing their rate of pay at a level never before seen. Takng a power in numbers approach to this allows for the network to secure a very large following to support widespread adoption. the second front is waged against the opposite spectrum of the worlds population. By appealng to a nearly trillion dollar market, video games. its possible to secure the necessary support needed to reach Project Sensatori’s full potential.

What SENSE provides

First Mobile Location based mining algorithm

Creates an evenly distributed decentralized network consisting of data storage, processing power (full nodes), unparalelled levels of cyber security, and virtual land ownership

structure capable of supporting a decentralized democracy.

Sensible solution to the coming unemployment gap produced by machne automation in the workforce.

provides a feasible way to provide internet and telecommunication services to large areas left without them.efficeantly and effectively as well as providing emergency services with reliable lines of communication.using peer to peer mesh networks.

motvates individuals to pursue a healtier more active lifestyle using both entertainment and incentives.through the Sensatori gaming platform.

makes banking available to nearly the entire population regardless of nationality.